Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Circle Orboros: Tharn Blood Pack

The Blood Pack are now complete:


Not a commonly seen unit on the board but they certainly have their uses; eMorvanhana can always field more heavy infantry, Kromac can use a decent warpath enabler etc

Monday, 30 March 2015

Circle Orboros: Woldwrath!

The Woldwrath, the Rock Monkey is finished haha


This is a quality model but god it has a lot of green glyphs to paint! Seriously, bout half of the time I took to paint this was filling in green lines hehe.

More Circle up next, Tharn Blood Pack time...

Sunday, 29 March 2015

Circle Orboros: Tharns!

Ive had these as WIP for over a week but are now finished:

Thane Whitemane

Tharn Ravagers

Saturday, 28 March 2015

Wasteman: Mootants, vending machines and a badass shack!

Well that was a crap week! Not a single brushstroke since Monday afternoon... that's what 4 days of commuting 190 miles a day will do for you :-(

But never fear, the wkend is here and im back with a vengeance haha:


I love this range, its proper awesome and full of character! The kickstarter is in full swing and just needs a few more backers to push it over to fund. The pledge to pick has to be the easy rider... yes its 270 quid but look at all the goodness you get for it:

I backed at this level on day one and its just been getting better and better! 

Monday, 23 March 2015

Trollbloods: Slag Troll 4!

Just a quick job on my own minis today, a 4th Slag Troll for my Calandra list before its back to the commissions hehe


Soon more circle dudes will be inbound!

Saturday, 21 March 2015

Wasteman: Existing Minis and a shiny new mat

Wasteman continues to gather pace and Jason has just released this handy quick guide to show you the basics of the game:


I have also painted up the rest of my ThunderChild Miniatures today:

Doomsday Dump
Pilgrims and Mootant
Also a game mat I ordered from Deep Cut Studio arrived today! I ordered this to play my games of Wasteman on and have to say its pretty cool, well worth a look for those like me that cant make terrain to save their life haha:

WFB End Times Commission: Executioners

A little over a month ago I was contacted by a chap in Australia who had found links to some of the Dark Elves I painted up last year. He was after a mixed force of Elves to use as an End Times army in Warhammer!

It took a bit of time for everything to arrive with both of us ordering in the necessary bits for the commission to begin, but the first unit was ready to start on Monday and is now completed:


More on this project will follow soon!

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