Sunday, 23 November 2014

Unleashing the Ito: Mizuki

Mizuki Ito is finished, just needed to do the basing this morning:


Whilst she might not be able to turn hapless heroes into stone like the real Medusa, she can still put the fear of god into the enemy on the table! She can buff friendlies with the poison trait, and since the ito can give that out to just about anyone she will be gold in a well constructed list.

Saturday, 22 November 2014

Conspiracy of the Cult: Yugio

This is Yugio, the latest release for the Cult of Yurei faction in Bushido:


The model is brilliant and a joy to paint, so detailed and full of character! He's also pretty handy in the game too, able to reduce the cost of friendly kii feats and disrupt the enemies ability to generate kii all together haha.

Searforge Commission: Tactical Arcanist Corps

I had picked these up as part of my Cephalyx army but subsequently sold that on before I did any work on them. I kept this unit out of the trade as they would find an acceptable home in y small Searforge force:


The dwarves are a small army I use from time to time but I will be steadily building them up to a full collection, especially having seen the art for the Rhulic Battle Engine spoiled on the forums... Hopefully it will be along in the Reckoning book due in March which will spur me on to add to my forces hehe.

Thursday, 20 November 2014

Confrontation: Drune additions

I scour ebay every now and then for odd bargains to add to my already rather large force for of Drunes for Confrontation:

Lanyfhs of the Black Woods
Drune Persecutors
Drune Minotaur

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Twilight: Kickstarter goodies have arrived!

A pleasant surprise greeted me this morning as a big brown box from Twilight Miniatures arrived in the post yeah boi!


First out of the box was the starter kit which has the resin activation stones and the metal combat stones which replace dice for the most part in the game:

Plutons Mechanicals, one of my two starter forces of around 250pts in the game, plenty to get me and Jacob into battling around Anyaral. The Mechanicals are a Delgon force, a northern branch of Fubarni that split from the Empire many years previous and now are waging war against them!

The second of my starter forces are the Dhogu Raiders, a more primitive Fubarni culture who often serve as mercenaries to the Delgon. I really like these models, especially the Warlord who rides a yeti/goat monster haha

Next up are some of the bonus items I acquired through my pledge level, a resin Gil Marshall, Baby Gil and Engineer Beru, all special characters that can be used in the game.

One of the stretch goals was a full map that Mike had wanted to create for a long time. Its hand drawn and very detailed! This will look great framed and on the wall of my games room :-D
Chronicles of Anyaral is the compilation of the two earlier books and the one funded by the Kickstarter. A few months ago Mike sent me a draft copy for some QA and I have to say its a fantastic read, even more so now I have it in book form rather than on my tablet. 

Another stretch goal was to create stat cards for all the models in the game, very handy for speeding up play as it saves thumbing through the rulebook. The pack includes some blank ones which will come in very handy for the next photo...

Frenu!!!! An alpha playtest fourth culture for the game I have signed up for do some testing on. This is the rules for them as the models are still being created but I cant wait to get cracking on them.
An awesome box of toys to get me started playing Twilight and im looking forward to building and painting up my forces in the near future

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Dad's Army: Civvy Street

The 11 civilian models in the set are now completed to:

The "Baddies" Warden Hodges, The Verger and the Reverend

The Main Cast in civilian gear
That's the full set done now, hopefully the Wife's Dad will like them for his birthday haha. This set is much recommended for fans of the show, the fact they are useable in Bolt Action or 7TV is just a bonus :-D

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Dad's Army: Do you think thats wise?

Here's the rest of the main cast in fatigues:


For those of a younger generation, L-R back is Sergeant Wilson, Medic Godfrey, Private Frasier, Private Pike and Front L-R is Captain Mannering and Private Walker.

That's all the soldier versions done, now I have the civilian versions of these, Warden Hodges, the Reverend and the Verger to go.

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