Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Minions Assemble!

Another joint post for the Hordes bargain basement boys haha

Croak Hunter 3
Rorsh & Brine
Razorback Crew 2
That's 100pts of the Gators and 129pts of pigz done in 4 months, not bad going if I do say so myself!

Monday, 26 January 2015

Spotlight: Going Apocalyptic with ThunderChild Miniatures

Over the last few weeks we have been seeing images and previews of some awesome and crazy models from ThunderChild Miniatures appearing on the web and when the image of the pigman appeared I knew I had to delve deeper for some more info. luckily for me Jason Fairclough, owner and creator of the range was happy to help out:

First up, what is the Wasteman setting all about? How did you come up it? Models first or setting first?

Wasteman is set in a parallel universe that I have been working on for years. Mankind reach their peak in the late 1980s, colonising other planets, making first contact with aliens, and everything is looking pretty great. Everyone enjoys a fair few of years of utopian shenanigans before people get bored and remember they hate each other. So, naturally, diplomacy breaks down and Earth ends up totally isolated from its colonies. Not good news as 90% of resources were coming from off world by this point. There’s a huge exodus and a massive nuclear war over the stuff left behind.
Wasteman takes place roughly 50 years later with the dregs of humanity making the most of life in a world full of bizarre monsters, mutants and killer robots. 
As to what came first, it’s a bit column A/column B. The broader story was there beforehand for sure, but working on these figures really fleshed it out in my mind.



The models we have seen so far have been great, very characterful and pretty unique! Was it a long standing plan to go post apocalyptic?

Thanks! I would say it was more of an inevitability really. I’ve spent most of my life watching B movies, listening to thrash metal and having some pretty crazy night terrors, all of which are heavily themed in that direction. Though from a creative standpoint the end of the world really gives you freedom to include whatever you want, and I’ve certainly done so!

My favourite so far is Swyn the Glory Hog but Radical Trevor is a close 2nd, what's your fav mini of the range? A released one or one too come?

All of them are my babies, I couldn’t possibly choose!


Will the Radtown ruins feature and be expanded in the campaign?

Well essentially all the figures are part of the Radtown Ruins range, so yes. However, I’m gunna hazard a guess that you may be referring to the scenery sets, in which case the answer is: potentially. Some scenery may well pop up as a couple of stretch goals, add-ons, that sort of thing. I’m very much a one man band and I’ve had my hands full getting the rulebook, cards, tokens and over 60 figures sorted so it’s unlikely to be a huge part of this campaign. That’s not to say I won’t be expanding on the range of scenery – far from it. I have plans for at least another 20 scenery sets alone, not to mention enough figure concepts to keep me sculpting for over 4 years.

Can we expect a preview of the rules before the campaign starts?  The stat cards and those awesome activation tokens shown so far... They seem to have really caught on with people!

Yeah, of course- I will be showing off the rules in a game play video or two, and I’ll go into more detail with the awesome features as I continue with the previews.

Another thing that has peaked interest is the basing, the crazy radiation ring that surrounds each model. Are they supplied as standard?

Ah yeah, they’re a favourite of mine. The bases have integral token slots for different types of damage. The tokens in the pictures so far have been prototypes, the final ones will be 3D so it’s easier to distinguish and remove them. Most models (except the figures that won’t fit) will be coming with a token base. Providing the kickstarter is successful the rest of the range should follow suit. 

The game looks like a skirmish game from what we have seen so far, can you give us a rough model count and board size?

Yeah, it’s definitely more of a skirmish game. On average you’re looking at 5 at a minimum but you could happily go up to around 20 and a Behemoth for a big game. As for the board, 3’x3’ is recommended in the rules but you could play on anything really.


Any chance of cheeky new preview?

Oh go on then...

Cheers Jason and thank you! Not log to go now peeps!

Sunday, 25 January 2015

Spotlight: Lords of War Extended!

My son and I play Lords of War quite regularly, and it has a decent following at the Bunker, so we were looking forward to receiving our copy of the Orcs v Dwarves Expansion: Magic & Monsters!

Since we chipped in together for our set from Cymbeline Games we picked up a t-shirt for our favourite factions; Dwarves for me and Undead for Jacob.

Dwarves rule! No Undead rule!

Having played a few games with the new set integrated into our armies we really like what it brings to the game! The magical units like the Dwarf Arcanist and the Orc Flame Thrower are great support units being able to buff your troops and put some lingering damage on tough enemy units. We do have our firm favourites tho... Jacob loves the Orc Bullwhip (A rather tasty ranged and melee unit that can move about the board) and I love the Dwarf Orgun Gun (Proper artillery that can cover a massive area of the board and lay down some serious hurt!).

Mid game is now really crucial, you need to preserve your commanders as taking them out is a viable win strategy... In our first game with the expansion Jacob had all his commanders in play very early so although he was ahead on card kill I was able to pick his heroes off by sacrificing weaker cards for the greater good! 
I cannot recommend this game enough, there is a lot of depth to it and by adding in the terrain and weather cards you get the feel of a proper tabletop wargame without the cost haha, and the kickstarter for the expansion to Elves vs Lizardmen is coming next month so there has never been a better time to get involved and pick up Lords of War!

Saturday, 24 January 2015

Spotlight: Malifaux Mover Tray from Westwood Woodworks

Ive turned into a bit of a tray convert recently, I cant be arsed to pack and unpack all my toys for every game of a tourney as I move up (mostly down!) the tables haha, so when I saw this tray on Westwood's facebook page I knew it would be perfect as I play quite a lot of Bushido...

Here's the tray all together, space for toys and space for cards/templates on the top.

Opened up you can see the green felt which stops your important paraphernalia from moving about too much. The side section also comes off if you just need access to a small pat of the interior for stuff like cards etc.

Nicely filled with an A5 card file, dice and pens but will fit small rulebooks like Malifaux, warmachine/hordes etc, with plenty of space for other hobby essentials including emergency superglue hehe

A selection of Cult of Yurei models ready for use in battle, the Wraith at the back fits in one of the two 50mm spaced holes, the Wanyudo on the right is on a 40mm base, the rest of the models are on 30mm bases. 
This is a cracking little tray and i'm sure I will get plenty of use out of it, and its first outing will be at our clubs warmachine journeyman league meeting on Wednesday where I can fit my warlock, couple of heavy beasts and a solo on it with ease, and probably my 25pt force next month too.
Westwood has great communication and keeps you informed throughout the creation of your trays so I cant recommend them enough, thanks guys!

Thursday, 22 January 2015

Gatormans: Gatorman Posse 3

My third Gatorman Posse is now complete:


My third Croak Hunter will be painted this week and that will take me to 68 gators and 100pts in the case! There are a few spots spare and a mate is looking to shit on a few of his unpainted minions so there may well be a few more additions before the vaults are released :-D

Sunday, 18 January 2015

Gatormans: Bog Trog Ambushers

This unit seems to have taken an age to paint, I started them not long after my last post!


I will start constructing the 3rd posse tomorrow but we had a card through the letter box that may well be some Darklands goodies have arrived too haha

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Gators & Pigz combine!

The odds n sods I started earlier in the week:

Maelok the Dreadbound - Gatorman Warlock
Croak Hunter 2 - Solo
Razorback Crew - Piggy Bazooka!

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