Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Unleashing the Ito: Hidoshi

Cant believe ive had this guy for two months and not painted him! Bad Rid!


That's my Ito back up to date... till the big snake arrives hehe

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Wood Elf Blood Bowl Team Commission

Had a good run of brush time these last two days and completed the woodies in good time:


Catchers (Old Jordel is a catcher in the team)


Saturday, 5 April 2014

Three months down!

Better late than never!

Its been a good year so far in brush life, I've undertaken three commissions already this year and have quite a few more booked in... so much so that I don't think I will get my own 160 odd models painted by the end of the year haha.

The count for the year is already at a staggering 384 models, far far more than this time last year, and of those only 60 have been my own minis. I have a wood elf blood bowl team on the paint table as I type, this should be ready to show in the next few days, and I pick up a massive dark elf army job later next week... that's another 200 right there!

Another quick recap in June Brush Brethren

Monday, 31 March 2014

Necromunda Adeptus Arbites Commission

A guy at the Bunker asked me to paint up his Arbites gang for the clubs upcoming necromunda campaign, and bar a couple of touch ups I noticed during photographing they are complete:


Friday, 28 March 2014

World of Twilight: last 2 days!

The World of Twilight kickstarter campaign is entering the last two days and is closing in on the £15,000 stretch goal:

One of the recent goals passed was a postcard to be included with our rulebook pledges, and Mike posted up the art for it... its beautiful! Im tempted to convert it to a canvas print for my games room!
The other important development is Mike's decision to release a playtest force for the Frenu, the fourth culture in the world of Anyarl! I have pledged for a set of these to take part in the playtesting and help shape a new force for the game:

A selection of the models are shown below:

The Frenu Kopa is yet to be sculpted but the rest of the range shows a lot of promise. Im looking forward to getting these along with the Delgon force for some small games with Jacob :-D

Conspiracy of the Cult: Sneaky Sneaky!

Couple of updates for my Cult forces:

Mo Ises

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Spotlight: Twilight Miniatures

Twilight Miniatures is running a very successful Kickstarter Campaign, stretched goals are smashed and a lot of greater starter forces have been created from it!

Mike Thorp, the creator of Twilight, sent me this little chap to paint up and review:

He is a NuraKira Priest from the Delgon faction in the game, a Northern offshoot of the Fubarnii.
Its a one piece model, no clean up or mould lines to sort out which was great. The whole range is full of character, a totally unique world created by Mike and his playtesters!
Im really looking forward to getting some more of these badboys :-D