Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Unleashing the Ito: Yuui and the Vipers

Its been nearly 6 months since I painted an Ito model, these I picked up on their releases but only just got round to sorting something out for them:

Yuui Ito
Shimogama Vipers

Blood Bowl: Chaos Dwarf Team Commission

A nice quick job for a mad Pittsburgh Steelers fan haha:


Chaos Dwarf Blockers
Hobgoblin Linemen
Bull Centaurs

Sunday, 24 May 2015

Guildball: Union part deux


Back from an awesome week in Centerparcs with the family but itching to get some painting done hehe, so here's the last of my Union team painted up this afternoon:

Blackheart - Captain
Avarice & Greed
I am really tempted to add the rest of the Union line up to my collection but they will have to wait a while as I have quite a few more projects lined up over the coming weeks!

Sunday, 17 May 2015

Guildball: Union Players

Finished off these additions to my Union team today:

Coin - Mascot
Ball Token

This just leaves Blackheart, Avarice and Greed who will have to wait till im back from holiday with my horde haha


Saturday, 16 May 2015

Conspiracy of the Cult: Full Faction!

These are the last three Cult of Yurei minis I needed to get my second full faction after the Ito (Still have their last couple of releases to paint up!), and I think they are some of my favourite's yet:

Kairai Villager
Kusatta Kairai
Just a couple of Ito snakes to go on Bushido and im back up to date. The next faction, the Tengu Descension is out very soon as is the Rise of the Kage board game... I have that and the metal ninjas coming so late summer will be a great time for painting my favourite range!

WFB End Times Commission: Bolt Throwers

Quite literally haha, two High Elf Bolt Throwers:


My client is undecided on how we will make the crew for now as he plans to use a mixture of high and dark elf warmachines, so a combined kitbash crew will be constructed further down the line.

Of Wastemen and Warmachines...

First of several posts today; finished of my latest order of Wasteman minis and a second Feralgeist for my Blindwater:

Mantis Man
FIDO 5000
Creature Feature Comforts
Feralgeist (Blindwater)

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