Monday, 22 May 2017

Knight Models: Finally painting some Marvel!

As on saturday, i managed to paint these two Marvel minis in between drying coats on my next ten Bloodreavers:

Ant Man


Ant Man isn't the best, he is a conversion from a spare cyclops and a spare Star Lord head i had planned, unfortunately the scale isn't quite right with the head being a touch too small... one day i will make another with Reverse Flash's body as that looks a better fit.

Daken is Wolverine's son, and so simply painting the existing Wolverine model in the apporopriate scheme was an easy fix haha.

Sunday, 21 May 2017

Age of Sigmar: Khorne Bloodreavers

My first unit of 10 Bloodreavers are now complete:

These are the chaff of Khornes forces, 70pts for 10 models is a bargain for what they can do! They are more effective in bigger units of 20/30, but these minimum sized units are great for filling out the battleline slots and provide a cheap source of blood tithe when they die haha, and die they will!

Saturday, 20 May 2017

Knight Models: More DC Supers

Whilst im tackling 20 Bloodreavers i have managed to get five more DC Universe superheroes painted up haha:

Professor Zoom (Reverse Flash)





I really enjoy painting the iconic superhero models now, they are up there with Wasteman and Guildball as my favourite lines i reckon!

I have my big Marvel Universe project to start after i have painted up enough Khorne to use at some tournaments... i cant wait!

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Guildball: Alchemists Reinforcements

The last commission before the return to the Blood God hehe, a couple of players for the Alchemist team project i've already worked on:

Harry the Hat


As before, my client is doing the bases himself so the match his existing team. Also, Crucible is the first Albino i've painted so getting the skin and hair to be pale but distinct with my style was hard but there is a subtle difference that the camera doesn't pick up so well.  

Monday, 15 May 2017

Black Gate Miniatures: Armoured Ogres Painted

Here are the Armoured Ogres i've painted for Black Gate Miniatures, a little later than planned due to work commitments:

These are my favourite of the three unit types i've had the pleasure of painting, and im looking forward to getting my teeth into a much larger Ogre army of my own haha

Sunday, 14 May 2017

The Drowned Earth: The countdown has begun!

The Drowned Earth has just dipped into the last 48hrs remaining! No the fun really starts to begin hehe:

Plenty of stretch goals have been unlocked so far, including a free model for all starter pack and above backers and a dice set for two starters and above.

The big news though is that Master Builder Pledge, yes it costs 200 pounds but as it stands that gives you a saving of 98.95 rrp and most importantly it saves you roughly 29 pounds off all pledgeable costs.

The latest stretch goal of a cavalry mounted leader for The Firm boss Kaneda on Giant Mantis is only a few hundred away from funding as i type and that will add 20+ pounds of value to the Master Builder Pledge... you all surely know where i have gone haha ;-D


I seriously cant wait to get hold of these and paint them, the mix of textures between the four main races (And the Dinosaurs!) is a painters dream... The game is very good already and with plenty of external playtesting time remaining before final print is due it will be even better!

Time is ticking! Help me get my Dinosaurs!

Warmaster: Empire Handgunners

My clients Army of Hochland receives the last of its current round of reinforcements with these Handgunners:

Im pretty sure this wont be the end of the project haha
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