Monday, 23 February 2015

Trollbloods: Elemental Beasties

For today I have four of the elemental light beasties for my Calandra list:

Pyre Troll 2
Slag Troll 3
Storm Trolls
I will be going flat out on trolls till the end of February to get ready for the tourney, I have 16 to paint as a minimum but I may need to get another solo or two hahaha

Sunday, 22 February 2015

Wrath of Kings: Moar Dragon Legionnaires

These are the rest of my Dragon Legionnaires:


That's all 18 finished so I can start on some of the characters soon... The hobby butterfly in me has signed up to a tourney at Wayland in 3 weeks and I want to bust out my new Trolls for it so I will be back on them for a bit d'oh!

Friday, 20 February 2015

Wrath of Kings: Shael Han

My new project! A Shael Han force for Wrath of Kings, a game funded a year ago on kickstarter but now the backers are starting to receive their goodies. I didn't back the game as I had too much going on at the time but a few weeks ago a mate was interested in starting it up on release.

We downloaded the rules and studied the background and model range whilst checking ebay for unwanted pledges haha. We stuck gold when we found a Shael Han and a Nasier set going for sensible money so that was us set.

These are the first of range ive painted:


These are some Dragon Legionnaires, the basic rank 1 infantry unit. Individually they are a bit poo, but when grouped together and near their leaders they become quite formidable! Shael Han is a buff faction, I guess similar to pirates in warmachine, so you layer some awesome special abilities on to your troopers and go for the win.

The most surprising thing about the Wrath of Kings range is the material the models are made from, its like restic 2.0, there were only two models in my entire 40 man haul with sizable mold lines on their legs, and even these were straight forward to clean up.

With beautiful models and a decent looking rules set I have to recommend Wrath of Kings to anyone looking for a new system!

Sunday, 15 February 2015

Trollbloods: Warlocks and Solos

Its taken so long to get the time this week for painting, I planned to have these four finished on Tuesday!

Calandra, Oracle of the Glimmerwood - Warlock
Madrak Ironhide - Warlock
Janissa Stonetide - Solo

Runebearer - Warlock Attachment Solo
That's it for Trolls for a while, my new project has arrived and im itching to get started tomorrow!!!!

Monday, 9 February 2015

Trollbloods: Warders ftw

This is my first proper melee unit for the army, Warders:


These are a proper badass unit, rock hard but slow at SPD4... until one gets damaged then they all get +2SPD, Pathfinder and +2ARM for the round!

I will be adding another unit of these and I already have a unit of Champions ready to paint soon.

Trollbloods: Whelps!

These diminutive little critters are what then full trolls spawn when they are damaged!


They can be eaten by trolls to heal damage and to remove excessive fury haha. In time I will be getting another pack of five as they count as solos which cost 2pts and can only be purchased as a five in your list.

Sunday, 8 February 2015

Trollbloods: Krielstone Unit

Next up for the Trolls is the Krielstone unit:


These are probably the most iconic Troll unit in the game, forming a central part of most lists due to the standard armour buff and the range of optional improvements that the UA Elder adds each turn.
Since im planning a mostly elite force of 8 wound weaponmasters, this unit at a mighty seven models will be the largest in the force haha. 

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