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This section of the blog is going to be covering news and reviews for a group of my favourite companies, ones that I either demo/test for, have undertaken painting works for or ones that I really enjoy the models they produce. Over a period of time I have built up a good relationship with the chaps running the businesses and am happy to help them out by doing some promo work.

First up is Infamy Miniatures, producers of awesome quality steampunk miniatures:

Welcome to the Big Smoke!

It is the late 19th century and a technological revolution is sweeping through Great Britain. Sparked by Mycroft Holmes' creation of the Cogitation Engine - an advanced version of Charles Babbage's Analytical Engine - the nation's capital is caught up in a wave of invention and discovery.
The city thrums to the sound of gigantic and increasingly elaborate machines, their maze-like interiors of cogs and pistons churning around the clock. Powered by armies of navvies who shovel fuel into the huge burners and risk their lives performing maintenance, these machines drive the city. They are the lifeblood of London's 'Golden Age' and fill the air with the thick smoke of industry and mass-production.
The development of increasingly powerful Cogitation Engines has laid waste to the traditional structure of power in London. Long established institutions, initially reluctant to take on the 'dangerous' new technology, are on the brink of collapse and now they must battle to retain control.
While they flounder in the wake of change, upstarts rise to power, embracing the new age, creating ever more incredible tools, machinery, intelligence-gathering methods and weapons.
These companies, corporations, institutions and their members reside in ornate and elaborate towers, rising high above the streets, increasingly isolated from the machinery filled nightmare evolving beneath them.
And in the city's underbelly the downtrodden, forgotten and abused working-class grow angry. Opportunistic rabble rousers, crime lords, kingpins and undesirables gather support, all hungry for a piece of the pie.
The uprising is coming, but which side will you choose?


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