Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Warriors of Dreams - Confrontation Daikinee Elves!

As well as my on going Drune army, i have started to put together a small Daikinee Elves force... and for once i do mean small! There were very few Daikinee ever made, far fewer than the Drunes even, and they arent a big faction.It has been hard work tracking down all the different figures from across the globe, but it is a rewarding game to get into, very enjoyable and tactical, with many play styles available for each faction.

So far i have the following in my collection:

1 Shaenre, Daïkinee Sentry - 33pts + 10pts
1 Numae, Daïkinee Guardian - 45pts + 10pts
1 Onentai, The Smuggler - 60pts + 10pts
1 Kaeliss the Silent - 33pts + 4pts
1 Kurujai, Daikinee Archer - 45pts + 10pts
1 Dream Warrior - 30pts

3 Daïkinee Guardians - 54pts
1 Daïkinee Standard - 15pts
1 Daikinee Musician - 15pts
2 Daïkinee zephyr - 50pts
3 Scarab Warriors - 90pts
2 Daikinee Sylphs - 30pts
3 Daikinee Archers - 45pts

3 Sylvan Anime - 48pts
3 Sylvan Anime - 48pts

This leaves the following to track down:

Maneos, Scarab Warrior - 85pts + 20pts
Erhÿl the Wildcat - 76pts + 13pts
Meari the Protector - 33pts + 8pts
Irul, Tribal Chief - 25pts
Kaeliss, Voice of the Pariahs - 79pts
Mandigorn Warrior - 55pts

Pictures to follow when i get started!


  1. Hi mate,

    These are the original metals, tracked down on various ebay sites and from sites like ludikbazar or e-minis.

    I havent started work on painting them yet, the models are so good that i felt i had to improve my painting standard to do them justice


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