Friday, 25 May 2012

Its Bloodbowl season sports fans!

Bloodbowl season is hitting the Bunker shortly, that means its time to dust off old teams or in my case... make a new one!

I present Lashor Devastation, a Chaos team devoted to Slaanesh


Slaanesh Chaos Warriors

Beastmen 1

Beastmen 2

Over time i plan to add additional minis to the team to enable me to field a Chaos Pact team or a "Nurgle" team, but dedicated to Slaanesh.

Not wanting to blow my own trumpet but these are some of my finest painted models, im very pleased how they turned out!


  1. 'Finest painted models' doesn't even come close!

    These are beautiful mate, really nice. I love the choice of Warriors too - I think your range of models for the team is really tight. Bit worried about mine at the moment as (though technically a Tzeentch team)I've gone for four different styles of Warrior to represent each of the gods, and I think it may look a bit unco-ordinated and messy in the end.

    Your minotaur is painted far better than any example I've seen of that particular mini and as for the Beastmen, not only are they painted really well, the colour choice is fantastic.

    Big love for the Slaaneshi team! Can't wait to go horned-head-to-horned-head with them in the league!

    (By the way, I love how we've both got the same coloured Chaos Warriors - that line of scrimmage is going to be a complete pink-fest!)

  2. Cheers Darren, high praise indeed!

    I cant wait to start playing bbowl again, its nice to bust out a new team for a year. Ive not used normal chaos before, used pact and nurgle quite a few times and they are a lot of fun


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