Tuesday, 5 March 2013

2013 so far

Its a quiet night so i figured i'd go through the blog and sort out a progress report of the year so far:

I started the year with 138 models unpainted, and ive only got 66 left on that list left to go which is awesome progress i think. Ive picked up odd bits here and there along the way but im making sure this total is decreasing all the time.

Im working on my Halodyne starter set for Godslayer at the mo, i need to get this completed this week as ive been asked to run a demo event at Tolehaven in Romford in a week or so. When these are done i can then start on my Ito and Nuem reinforcements, both needed for upcoming events!

My Blindwater army was sold on when i new i couldnt make the masters in may, a shame but the needs must, and im not sure i will be expanding my spartan fleets anytime soon as other games have my prority for the time being and i have my new battleboard coming soon that has eaten a large chunk of available funds hehe

So all in all its been a good start to the year hobbywise, i'll do another round up over the summer to check how ive got on :-D

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