Saturday, 7 September 2013

Nine months of Justice!

Nine months into the year and its time for a recap on the years painting progress:

Ive sold on most of my Thornfall Alliance army for hordes, i'd used them solidly for 3 years and was ready for a new challenge in the Convergence of Cyriss... there was no way I was spending £90+ on a colossal without some bonus income so the pigs had to go! Ive kept the newer style stuff I added this year with Midas's arrival so can still field a 25pts list if needed.

Ive kept the Ito up to date but not added to the Temple and Savage Wave forces, that's a job for next year in the run up to salute when a we run demos for GCT. I picked up the Silvermoon starter set the other day but that may end up coming as an xmas present from the kiddies.

I caved and added a lot of the Darklands Drunes via the kickstarter programme, this should arrive soon so that will be quite a task to get all 46 of them done but they are amazing models and i'd never afford them all at non kickstart prices :-(

All this frantic painting is to put me in the clear for the arrival of all my Wargods goodies, 72 models that will make up 2 complete 1000pt armies haha,

My paint count for the year now sits at 307, this is great progress but there are plenty more to go... its going to be an exciting close for to the year yeah!

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