Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Spotlight: Lords of War by Black Box Games

Second post of the day! I have been given a copy of "Lords of War: Elves vs lizardmen" by Black Box Games, by my good friend Tom at Cymbeline Games who is looking at stocking the range.


Lords of War is a card based system where armies of Dwarves, Orcs, Elves and Lizardmen battle on a map in a game of skill and strategy. They are currently running a kickstarter campaign to produce a third expansion with the Noble Templars pitched against the forces of the Undead:

Game packs
I had some time this evening to sit down for a game with my stepson Jacob, he was very looking forward to playing as he loves card games like Munchkin and Smash Up!
First off we had a good look through the card packs and I explained to him what all the stats meant and how placement, combat and reinforcement works, and with this over and done with we were ready for a war:

The two forces are quite evenly matched, the elves have greater missile fire and the lizzies have better close in hitting power. The rules were very straight forward to read and after a few minutes we were both experts haha. Combat is based on the attacks of units exceeding the defence value of the enemy, you can gang up your forces to defeat a powerful foe as long as the arrows (see above photo) point at the enemy unit.
Combat is simultaneous so can quickly swing to favour one side with a well placed card! Our game was very close, and Jacob picked up the finer points of strategy and tactics very quickly, I ended up victorious 20 kills to 15 :-D
We both really like Lords of War and are looking forward to playing it again tomorrow... please back BBG's kickstarter, the link is at the top of the review... or order a copy from Cymbeline Games haha


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