Saturday, 26 December 2015

Wasteman: The Kritters

Firstly, a belated happy xmas to everyone, hopefully you all got plenty of new shinny for the lead mountain!

Secondly, here are the Kritters and the other themed models in the Wasteman range:

Kritters Posse Starter Pack

Crazy Katia - Kritter Queen

Maw Men


A lot of the existing Rad Town Ruins line up will fit in very nicely with a Kritter themed Syndicate, but the best thing about this game is that you are totally free to create your force exactly how you want it!


  1. Hard to dat which one is my favourite. Both the Cat lady and Maw Men look very cool. These Maw Men would look great for many horror systems too. The Cherub looks a bit werd, like a cube of flesh pressed on a base too small for him.
    Not really a fan of that one.

    1. Aye Cherub really needs the bigger base as he's a bit of a fat git!

      The proper bases are all 50mm scenic ones and the minis look really good when attached... the little rendra round plastics they are all on now will fit on top and not look out of place


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