Saturday, 6 February 2016

Fear the Night - EPIC Dark Eldar project begins!

First post of the month and its a belter, the club has started to get into EPIC again in a big way so i thought i would plumb for one of the newer armies as i paid a ton of it back in the day and have used all the original forces at one stage:

Raider Kabal (Skimmer Tank Company)

Raider Kabal (Infantry and Transports)

Shadow Spinner (Scout Titan)

The little guys and skimmers are from Vanguard Miniatures, the UK supplier of Onslaught Miniatures, and the titan is a Shaltari Jaguar Strider from Dropzone Commander.

Dark Eldar have a compulsory purchase of an Archon or Archite to lead the army so i still have tghat to paint up before i can field a legal force, but i wanted to get my biggest companies done first!

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