Saturday, 13 August 2016

Wasteman: First Yeoman Minis finally painted!

My mate picked these up for me at Salute and ive finally got them painted... proper bad form on my part as they are wicked minis!

Troglamite Thug


Dwarven Adventurer

Yeoman is to Wasteman what Hordes is to Warmachine hehe, development of this suppliment is well on its way and Jason is hard at work on new concepts including cavalry:

This guy is one of several planned "Knights of Gnar", one of the main protagonist factions in the Benethverse and i cant wait for them, old skool chaos mixed with snail cavalry haha


  1. Jason's old school style suits these mini's well, as does your dark and gritty paintjob. They look most excellent.

    1. Cheers bud, you looking forward to all the MODZ? Should be October when they arrive :-D

    2. I am as I hope to finish my final bandit soon and I expect the Cybjörgs won't take that much time. I received some terrain from Ainsty which I plan to paint up one of these days so I can get a first game in with my son. The MODZ will come right on time as I hope he will have mastered the basic rules by then.

    3. Good stuff, get a battle report up on your blog!

    4. I hope to start up my now neglected blog up soon with some painted Wasteman mini's. After all, I promised Jason I would 😃.

    5. Good stuff, look forward to seeing them!


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