Monday, 19 September 2016

40K: Tau Fire Warriors, Pathfinders and Cadre Fireblade

Ive completed all the Tau Infantry models now, all 41 Fire Warriors, 4 Pathfinders and a Cadre Fireblade:

Ive kept the orange purposely limited to just a knee pad and squad markings, i think it works really well with the pale scheme :-D 


  1. The Fireblade is new for me, something from the latest codex perhaps. You spend some extra effort on painting him, did you not?
    He's a good looking character, tied in nicely with the rest of the army but different enough to stand out too.

    1. Yeah he's a new guy, i'd not seen one before this haha

      He's got extra highlights and detail work but the armour and skin are all done in the same style as before


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