Saturday, 17 December 2016

Guildball: My Mortician's!

Yep back to painting some of my own minis! Here is the start of my Mortician's Guild Team for Guildball, the club is gearing up for a new league come January and im going to get involved this time.

Scalpel - Captain

Dirge - Mascot

Vileswarm - Mascot



Obligatory Ball Token!

I didn't get on with my previous team, The Masons, they were a bit too middle of the road for me, but i really like these Mortician minis and they are a joy to paint up!

More on these very soon


  1. I like the style of these mini's. They're sinister without going over the top, which is quite a feat in my opinion.
    Also, they got the nicest additions in 2nd season 😊. I'm almost tempted to start with them myself.

    The green grass they're standing on will probably get a different colour when the first match is over 😉.

    1. Aye I'm looking forward to more guildball over the coming months!

      It was these or brewers as they are the only two teams I've not painted


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