Saturday, 15 July 2017

Horus Heresy: Space Wolves Commission

And im back!

These last 10 days have been some of the most hectic in my life, i have either been working, painting or sleeping haha. There i was having just finished the Haramborg minis and preparing my Behemoths when i was contacted with an emergency... A new client, who through one thing or another, had not got any paint on his Heresy army and needed about 3000pts doing for the start of August!

We hammered out a scheme that would be quick enough with the time frame and also one that he could easily replicate to work on bits of his own... I'm quick, but with work and family life i didn't feel i could paint quite that much in the time available.

So here is the first update on the project, i've worked on these on and off since last friday and these are the first thirty marines completed:

A couple of days off painting grey till the next chance i have to meet up on Tuesday when i pick up Leman Russ, a Dreadnought and either a Spartan or ten more Marines.


  1. Impressive

    But those bases are shocking

    Did the client ask for those

    1. He wanted shale but will be adding snow and more effects to them himself after his tournament... time is of the essence with these and warhammer world requires fully painted and based armies

  2. Quite a challenge he presented you with, but one you seem to handle with style.
    Good to hear your client is going to do something about the bases afterwards though as they don't measure up with the rest of the miniature.

    1. Cheers, yeah the stones are a tad too big!


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