Monday, 10 June 2019

Age of Sigmar: Astral Templars

Hot on the heels of my Flesheaters come the Astral Templars Stormhost!

This is a tourney build army I am putting together, going balls deep into a pop n drop stormbros force to eliminate the biggest monster threat my opponent has to offer haha:

To start me off I have a Lord Ordinator for a +1 to hit on warmachines, a unit of Judicators for a compulsory 3rd battleline unit, and a Knight Incantor for a crucial auto unbind.


  1. What a colourscheme 😮, that's not you see very often. Looks good though, a bit Slaaneshy perhaps 😁, but quite good anyway.
    One thing I would give some more detail though is the guy's skin in the first picture.

  2. Aye the astral Templars were a bit of an overlooked choice but with the increased amount of monsters on the boards these days they are better equipped to deal with them than the Anvils of Heldenhammer hehe


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