Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Spotlight: Westwood Woodworks

Since I have decided to try and improve my warmachine ability and try to get to some more tournaments with the rest of the Bunker guys. One of the things I see plenty of is people transporting their armies on trays for speed of deployment and ease of moving between tables (Down in my case haha!).

Some guys on a warmachine facebook group recommended Westwood Wood Works as a great place for a low cost and versatile board.

I contacted them with the specifications I needed as I saw they had a pretty good sized board with plenty of big holes hehe

As you can see it caters well for the discerning tourney player, plenty of space for those double stormwalls or in my case, double meat threshers for my pigz.
All of the 40mm spaces at the back have extra depth for more 30mm troops so the cryx players wont be missing out either.... bad cryxs with your bane spam :-D
Here is my Searforge army displayed on the board, that's 58pts of troops so you can see how much room is left for stuff from other lists. An Earthbreaker, another unit of forge guard, another TAC and two more casters would still leave space to grow my force.
Its not just warmachine that a board like this will work for, I have it in mind for transporting my Darklands minis at future tourneys:

Darklands has a larger range of base sizes than most games, my 60mm troops would have to just sit on the board but the 30, 40, 50 and 100mm models fit a treat.

My board was very reasonably priced at 20 pounds + postage, and was delivered promptly and arrived safely. They also make a really nice skirmish tray with storage built in, perfect for malifaux/bushido/infinity/infamy etc

If your looking for a tourney tray I heartily recommend Westwood Wood Works!

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