Sunday, 5 October 2014

Thornfall Alliance: Waiting for Exigence

This is the last of my piggies till November when Helga and Maximus are released as part of the Exigence line up:

Razor Boars
Dr Arkadius - Warlock
Saxon Orrik

Speaking of Exigence, its going to be a good set of releases for the pigs:
Warlock - Helga the Conquerer
Battle Engine - Meat Thresher
Solo - Maximus
Solo - Efaaret Scout
Helga looks to be another good warlock, an infantry buffing pseudo-control caster which should mix things up nicely. The Meat Thresher AKA Pig Tank is a giant steam rollering cannon totting death machine that murders infantry. Maximus is a Farrow who killed a load of Khador Doomreavers and nicked one of their fell blades and is now a Doom Pig haha.
The Efaaret Scout was the big surprise though, only spoiled on Friday morning.... a 3pt light cavalry solo with a POW7 AP Sniper gun!!! Its am FA2 model to boot so i'm looking forward to the mayhem they will cause plinking things for the Slaughterhousers to go to town on.
2015 is definitely the year of the pig! 

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