Thursday, 27 November 2014

Born on the Bayou - Blindwater Congregation for Hordes

To maintain my "Competitive edge" in the cutthroat world of Warmachine and Hordes I felt I needed a Gatormans list to compliment my pigs for certain match ups... That one list has now turned into 100pts of them with every option hahaha

This is the first unit I have painted for them:


Gatorman Posses are one of the best units in the game and will form the core of just about every list I use except Rask's theme force. I have three units of these to get done so they will be a lot of the early updates.

Gators are a minion force like the pigs so it made sense to link them together with a basic scheme, in this case the yellow of the farrow clothing and the gators skin colouration!

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