Sunday, 30 November 2014

Cobby gets into Dreadball

Regular viewers will have seen a few posts over the years showing some of my stepsons early efforts in painting some of his little men. Recently we have been playing quite a bit of Dreadball, and Jacob asked for a Teraton team for his birthday a few weeks ago so he could paint it up himself:


He's done a pretty good job with these, and with some more practice he'll be crushing my humans haha! I am planning an Asterian team to use in our next dreadball league at the club so I will bump them up then schedule to get some games in with him.

He also painted up some of his forgefathers for warpath:


I love the forgefather range, its really quite unique and characterful, They are one of the armies im looking at when warpath gets the kickstarter treatment next year hehe

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