Saturday, 7 January 2017

Knight Models: Justice League!

A few of the club guys started playing the Marvel game when it was released but nothing really jumped out at me to start, and i have painted a number of the minis for others so i held fast and watched it grow.

Fast forward to a month or so ago and the DC Trinity box was announced and the Knight Models released the DC version of the game, along with rules for nearly thirty of the minis from the street level Batman game and i was in!

Here are the eight minis i have for the Justice League faction so far:

DC Trinity - Wonder Woman, Superman & Batman


The Flash



Black Canary

Initially im going to stick with the good side of the Justice League, and will add to my force in due course but i want to get a few more games in with these before picking up more.


  1. Very cool!
    I love the Knight model miniatures, even though I don't play any of their games. You did a great job on these, very colourful and true to the studio paintjobs.
    Superman looks a bit weird without his red underpants, but I guess that will be true for any changes on these iconic characters.

    1. Cheers, it's a great little game, worth picking up when your kids are old enough and into superheroes hehe

      I'm tempted to give the blue of superman a wash of nuln oil to darken it, I'm not happy with how bright it turned out if I'm honest

    2. I actually like the bold colours on these mini's.

    3. Hehe i'll see how it grows on me for a bit!


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