Sunday, 1 January 2017

Onwards to 2017!

Happy New Years all, i had got an early night after watching some Guardians of the Galaxy, but ended up seeing midnight as the fireworks from next door woke us up haha!

This last year has been the busiest yet, i've managed to paint up 1040 models, smashing the highest previous recorded by nearly 200... looking back i don't think i've painted that much even when i was a mad ork player back in the day. The vast majority of these have been commissions which is great but also leaves very little time for my own projects so over the last few months i've begun to sell off more old forces and unstarted stuff.

This year im sticking to one commission a month, and making time for my own projects along the way as i don't want a mountain of unpainted, unbuilt or untouched toys sat about. With this in mind im intending to not start any new games... can it be done, we shall see, but that's the plan.

Over the next few months i have two new projects that i want to make headway into: Disciples of Tzeentch for AoS and Mechanicum for 30K, Neither force will be ridiculously big but having sold all existing AoS forces im relishing the change of style and Forgeworlds Mechanicum are some beautiful models, the club is running campaigns for both games so i look forward to playing them, along with more Guildball and also some Kings of War.

In last years resolutions i planned the following:

1) Fully painted Warmachine & Hordes
2) Fully painted Darklands
3) Fully painted Abyssal Dwarves for KoW

1) Nearly, had 6 models to go but have quit the game and sold up all my remaining models.
2) Nope, not touched them all year d'oh!
3) Yep, and sold the force on to make way for a new one

This year im going for:

1) Fully painted Mechanicum 30K army
2) Fully painted Disciples of Tzeentch army
3) Play more Guildball!


  1. Happy New Year mate!
    With 1400 models last year it's going to be hard to even match this again this year.
    You do seem to have some fun and interesting projects ahead of you though.
    Best of luck and happy painting!

    1. Cheers and to you!

      Yeah I'm looking forward to trying out the new forces and all the commissions that are booked in already haha, busy till the summer!


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