Sunday, 19 February 2017

Horus Heresy: Mechanicum at 2500pts

I've finished off my final 6 Thallax, a mated supplied me with some plasma guns to convert them into special weapons so i can kit out three squads with a bit more firepower:

Also, it appears i never photoed these two Castellax that i painted a couple of weeks ago too haha. These are one squad and both equipped with Darkfire Cannons for the win:

Below is an army shot of my whole force so far painted. In addition to this i have Belsarius Cawl to represent Anarcharis Scoria and 20 Skitarii on route to build as the new 30k Secutarii with Forgeworld's add on kits:


  1. Too bad the bottom photo is so dark.
    I do want to see some Action shots in the future though ;-).

    1. Couldn't get the photos to work in the display cabinet haha, I have the first game with them Tuesday night so will get some action pics of me hopefully destroying some raven guard!


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