Sunday, 19 February 2017

Warmachine: Introducing the Grymkin!

Well well well, after all the riddles and cryptic clues, the cat is out of the proverbial bag and the new faction for Warmachine & Hordes finally has a name!

Hailed as a faction of nightmares brought forth from Urcaen (Hell) by the actions of the Old Witch of Khador, the Grymkin are poised to take the battlefields of Immoren by storm when released in July through to September.

I'm going to go through some details on the models talked about in the spoiler video and subsequent details from the various chat threads coming from Smogcon. First up are the Warlocks; The Grymkin will have six in their faction book, five are called Defiers (People who defied Menoth's laws thousands of years ago and were sent to hell) and the Old Witch herself:

The Child: The melee monster Warlock

The Dreamer: A control type Warlock

The Heretic: An infantry support Warlock

The Wanderer (Left- Defensive) and the King of Nothing (Right - Debuffs)

The Old Witch - Battle Engine Epic Warlock

What sets the Defiers apart from other Warlocks is that they lack a once per game feat, they instead have abilities called Arcana which each has one set and can then pick two others from a deck of ten cards after seeing their opponents army (These need to be revealed).

These are all one use reactive abilities like knocking down attackers in your control area, or setting them on fire... if they attack your models. The Old Witch doesn't have these and is a more traditional Warlock with a conventional feat etc.

Next up are the Warbeasts... Only four were shown, and one of these hasn't been talked about yet. The fifth is mentioned as a cheap Lesser Warbeast called a Krabit, and the sixth is a ranged Light called a Frightmare:

Skin and Moans - Primary Melee Heavy

Cage Rager - Support Heavy Warbeast

Rattler - Infantry killer Light Warbeast

Next come the units, both infantry and cavalry, and the Grymkin have a reasonably wide selection of troops available to cover most battlefield roles:

Hollowmen - Ranged Infantry

Dread Rots - Weaponmaster Melee Infantry

Piggybacks - Medium base defensive Infantry with 5 boxes

In addition to these there are the following which have had details released but no images or art so far:

Nayslayers: single wound, small based cavalry with Armour Piercing lances

Murder Crows: Medium based infantry with stealth.

Madcaps: Weapon team that produce Cask Gimp Solos

Twilight Sistsers: Character unit of two models that return models to other units.

Then there are the solos, and of these two have been shown, and a further one is the existing Gremlin Swarm which will get the partisan rule:

 Witchwood - Drag and Prowl solo

Lord Longfellow - ranged solo, 2/4 shots, extra d6 damage vs characters AND Finisher!

Lady Keriana Rose - Fury Management Solo

Cask Gimps - Fast and explode

Glimmer Imps - Blinds on hits and -2 Def when within 5 inches of them

Trapperkin - Burrowing and Sprint

Gremlin Swarms - As per existing rules, effective vs warjacks.

Lastly there is the Battle Engine, The Death Knell:

This is reported to be a great support Battle Engine, it has the protective aura rule similar to the Trollkin Krielstone but its powered by corpse tokens. It will polarize list creation as its buff is great but its slow so you build your list around this if including one i feel.

Grymkin are going to be a limited release faction like the Convergence of Cyriss so can be expected to be strong and balanced out of the gate but will not receive regular updates like the larger factions.

They sound an interesting force and i may well pick some up with a view to get back into warmahordes nearer the end of the year :-D 


  1. Not sure if this horror route they are taking is the right one.
    They already have Cryx and Everblight, both seem to fit in far better in the world than this one.
    While the faction looks mighty interesting I think they are starring in the wrong game.

    1. I agree on this, the models whilst quite good, do not fit with the main aesthetic of the setting... neither do the retribution or convergence hehe

      Personally I would have preferred the cephalyx become the fifth Hordes faction rather than just a mercenary force as they are awesome!

    2. I agree, they fit in with the setting quite nicely too.

      They are probably trying different aesthetics to get more customers, a bit like the same route GW took with the release of the Tau and Necrons.

    3. That's a good point yeah, I'm sure it will bring in some of the malifaux crowd!

      I'm looking forward to seeing all the range and rules hehe

    4. As I was ewatching the video all I could think was 'Have I clicked on a Malifaux video by accident?'.

      Have they lost a load of gamers to Wyrd games?

  2. It's been the whole switch to mk3 that has done it. I was a massive wm player for 5yrs, absolutely loved mk2 and my farrow army, but mk3 was poorly introduced and left a lot of us cold.

    My club went from 16 regulars to 4 occasional players in the space of a couple of months!

    I guess this is a change of direction for them to try and turn the slump around?


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