Thursday, 2 March 2017

Guildball: More Morticians for me!

I lied, i decided to get these three Guildball models painted yesterday and today instead of moar warmaster haha, i needed them done for a tourney next week so ho hum:

Alternate Rage

Brainpan & Memory

Rage is the Steamcon exclusive alternate sculpt that can be used as either Rage or Veteran Rage (If i decide to do a Union team again), and Brainpan & Memory are the new S3 release for the Morticians Guild... used them last night and they are a lot of fun, plenty of annoying shenanigans haha  


  1. Rage is already a twisted psychopath, but this miniature makes him look even more so.
    The gutted coin around his neck is a very nice touch. All three are very well painted too.

  2. Yeah this Rage is an improvement on the existing model, Brainpan and Memory are a really good addition to the morticians... with bonesaw and mist using 3 strikers is great!


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