Monday, 13 March 2017

Knight Models: Green Lantern and Kid Flash

Yep two more recruits for my growing Justice League force ready for my next game on Wednesday:

Green Lantern

Kid Flash

Knight are starting to ramp up the releases for the DC Universe game, these next three are out at the end of March:

If you've not tried this game i heartily recommend it; its not as tactical or precise as say Guildball but perhaps it is more fun...


  1. While I really wanted to try out the game, I was for more interested in the Marvel Universe miniatures.
    Shame they discontinued the range, ... It's unlikely I will pick up any of the DC models after selling the whole of my Batman collection.

    1. Kid Flash looks a bit weird, but Green Lantern really looks amazing.

  2. Yeah kid flash is not the best model haha, he's got a proper odd pose!

    The marvel models are still findable online, and in many smaller shops hehe

    1. True, but without any new expansions it's going to die sooner or later.

  3. Official ones yeah, about 20 characters got leaked just after the announcement in Feb and the custom Facebook group is developing tonnes of new ones.

    The dc side will continue to grow, looking forward to picking up a space mat and some asteroids to use my green lantern corps against my mates yellow sinestro corps!


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