Sunday, 29 October 2017

Paranoid Miniatures: First battles in Mythos

Last wednesday my mate and i who each picked up a faction had a chance to play for the first time!

To make sure we had the rules sorted, and a good grasp of whats going on, we first played Scenario 1 The Encounter, with our forces fighting to the death over six turns but with no other objectives on the board.

 Rich moved his Angler up but i was able to blast it off the board with both Dorothy and Mercy channeling arcane attacks through Blood.

On turn six only the Dockland Queen remained alive for Rich's Hidden Ones!

We needed a more interactive scenario for our second game, so we went with Scenario 2 Tomes of Power; we needed to pick up mystical tomes across the middle of the board and read their secrets to score victory points... all the whilst fighting off the enemy and trying not to go insane in the process haha!

Rich was able to grab the tome worth 2VP and run off with it, and could spend most of the game reading it and passing it between the Angler and Molly, my giant Goat got an extra action point from Dorothy on turn one so was able to pick up the tome worth 3VP, read it a couple of times and pass it to Dorothy so he could kill the evil crab Click-Clack haha.

The dust settled on turn six and we had tied at 19VP each! Far closer and a much more interesting contest than our first game.

We really enjoyed Mythos; easy to pick up rules, plenty of tactical options each turn and some fantastic models to paint up for it. Much recommended for anyone who is a fan of the Cthulhu Mythos genre or just looking for a new and interesting skirmish game that doesn't break the bank and wont give you a head ache to get playing.

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  1. Oh, I love the crab figure!
    Nice little report, you made sure I will at least check out their website.


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