Monday, 1 January 2018

Happy New Years: 2018 Pledge

Well happy new years everyone, we crashed out about 10pm but next doors fireworks got us up again to see the clock roll over haha.

In 2017 i painted a total of 802 models, down from 2016 but still a mighty haul, ranging from three warmaster armies to walking dead, guildball teams and a 40k space wolf army! I wonder what this year will have in store for me?

My three resolutions from last January were:

1) Fully painted Mechanicum 30K
2) Fully painted Disciples of Tzeentch
3) Play more Guildball

How did i do?

1) Mechanicum were fully painted at around 3000pts before i sold them on, i didnt get on with them in the game doh.
2) Sold my Tzeentch before i painted a thing haha, really didnt get on with the playstyle and Khorne were released shortly after!
3) I started strong, played 10/15 games by march but not much more since doh.

This year im going to try something different, rather than go for specific projects i plan to reduce my lead and plastic mountain by at least half! Ive gone through every unpainted model i own and i believe the pile to sit at 676 models! I know there will be new purchases and sell offs over the year but i want to reduce my December pile down to a much more manageable level.

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