Monday, 29 January 2018

Lord of the Rings: Angmar Rises!

I'm slowly putting together the pieces for an Angmar army for LoTR. Angmar is the evil force that features a number of spirits either as leaders or making up the elite troops in an otherwise horde of Orc chaff haha:


Barrow Wights


Now if only the useless muppets i have bought some Orcs and Trolls from ebay would actually post my items i could get started on the rest!


  1. What's this shade of green you used called? So far I toned down some Stegadon green 'til I had the right colour, but this one seems perfect right out of the pot (if it is right out of the pot at least).
    Another wonderful job Richard, very convincing.

  2. This is all Nihilak Oxide, the technical paint, the hair and flames etc has had a coelia greenshade wash but thats it!


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