Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Cavalry... just with more bite!

A painting update!!!!!!!!!

These guys have been on the table for over a week, i really struggled to complete them as i wasnt inspired to paint them. They arent the best models, similar to gw's Blood Knights but at >1/3rd the price! They were a unit my Kings of War Undead were missing so the needs must...

Now they are done its on to my dreadball teams yeah boi!


  1. I really like those models.

    The horses look a little rough granted but that banner is amazing.

  2. Just to clarify (after reading it back), I meant the horse sculpts are a bit rough, not your painting ;-)

  3. Haha cheers mate, yeah they arent the best but they are cheap to buy so i cant complain! You know how you get models you arent inspired by or arent sure how to finish? These were mine hehe


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