Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Godslayer Rules Review Part 2

Thanks for reading part 1, sorry it ended so abruptly but one of my babies fell over and smacked her head on the kitchen floor!

Part 2 will cover tactics, army creation, direct damage and other effects. Im going to hold my hand up about not going too deep into magic or shooting tho; Currently none spellcasters have been released, the first roune of them is out at the end of the month and ive not had a chance to proxy any so far! Magic works by using AP on a declared spell, seeing if its in ranged, a LEAD test to castand then resolve effects... some spells canbeupgraded to more powerful versions,and some can be sustained to remainin play. A banebrood example is the bulging biceps mutationthat increases the POW of your units.

Shooting has a stat for tests, and all weapons have a short and long range. This s then affected by cover and model height which is noted on the cards... sorry i play a horde of beastmen, we dont have bows!

Direct damage is a way past armour values, meaning that weak attacks can still harm the big guys. The most common source of this is plagues for banebrood, the bubonic plague that your grubby little mongrels can carry causes d3 direct damage which is handy facing ARM 8/9 mortans i'll tell you.

Tactics are what define godslayer as a thinkers game, spending your AP madly running about the board will get you killed, you need to support your models with the special abilities they can have such as howling mad to cause fear and testudo to armour up. Your warlord can pass an AP to a friendly unit within LEAD range during its activation. This enables even the toughest murder machine boss to support its troops effectively. All tactics require a lead test to be effective, and that characteristic is the only one that can be premeasured in the game.

Army creation, the fun part! Every starter box has been designed to make a 160pt force, they come in around 135-140 and you spend the rest upgrading items to your characters. Honestly this is the best place to start for a few games to get the hang of it. The next sensible choice is adding the newly released big guy or warmachine, so for me that was the ursapine, a great big bear/porcupine monster who can sonic spin about the board haha and he takes me to 200pts where i game at now. There are only a few stipulations when creating a list: 1 warlord per 500pts, adhere to the deployment limits (No more than 3 ursapines!), items are unique so no 2 gorelords with bleeder blades... and make sure to give your boss an axe, he cant fight without one!

I hope you have enjoyed this overview and review of Godslayer by Megalith Games, it is a great system and is well supported with an active forum. Andre and David the creators are always online and take an active roll in forum discussions which is very helpful! More examples of painted godslayer minis can be seen on the forum and also on my painting studio site (www.fanplasticlittlemen.blogspot.co.uk), full picture battle reports to follow soon. So until next time, thanks again!

Richard Bowker


  1. hope the baby is ok

    Thanks for part 2

    1. Cheers mate, yeah she's fine, 10 months old so they are all about the climbing and trying to walk hehe


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