Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Godslayer Battle Report: Banebrood vs Mortans!

Apologies for the lack of photos, i got in so late from work that i didnt have time to find my camara. It was a shame as we both used fully painted forces and had a nice table lay out. I used the models that you have seen painted on the blog and my friend Darren used his mortan starter set with a scorpio ballista added to it for a 200pt game.

Turn 1
Brood win initative and the mongrels surge up the table, ducking and weaving as they go. The scorpio takes aim at the leader but misses, and the Mortan legions advance in testudo formation.

The Pesty advances and infects the mongrels, and the ursapine also advances. The mortan charcaters shuffle about a bit but dont do much, then finally the Gorelord adavnces behind the mongrels.

Turn 2
Mortans win Int, and the scorpio skewers the ursapine sending it back but not down. the mongrels and gorelord advance but remain out of enemy charge range. The legion suprissingly fall back as does the centurion, but not very far. The pesty and princeptor both advance. The ursapine deathrolls into the centurion but doesnt damage him (i wanted to try it out!)

Turn 3

Brood win Int, the gorelord nails his wychwood potion and charges 14inches into the scorpio, killing a crew then slay moves into the legion and kills two more of them. the legion advance into combat with him but 6 of them do 1pt of damage! The princeptor puts up parry and then runs into combat with the gorelord. The mongrels charge the legion and kill 3 more of them hehe. The centurion buffs himself and finishes off the ursapine with one hit!

Turn 4

The Mortans win Int and the scorpio shoots the pesty but fails to kill him. The gorelord one shots the princeptor and the pesty charges and finishes off the scorpio crewman. The last remaining legionnare fails to hit a mongrel and is killed, leaving only the centurion on the field and we call it there.

Victory to the Banebrood!!!!!

I'd like to say it was stellar generalship that won out but we both had good and bad dice... he didnt fail one plague resistance and i managed to get a lot of hits in even against def15 testudos haha

The ursapine died without achieving anything so i'll be looking for him to do more next game, and my mate was disappointed in his scorpio... both suffered from new model syndrome!

We are looking forward to playing bigger games, 300pts+ when we get some reinforcements as we can both see how our tactical ploys will evolve with more options on the table and are ready for the challenge :-D

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