Saturday, 14 March 2015

Circle Orboros Commission: Wold War

I have a few commissions on the go now including this Circle Orboros project. My client needs about a quarter of the faction painted to his existing army! He needed these additions below completed for a tournament tomorrow... Nothing like a deadline to get you motivated haha

Sentry Stone & Manikins
Shifting Stones
Wold Guardian
Moar Woldwatchers
Bradigus himself will be finished for tomorrow for sure, the rest of the project will be completed after a special commission that has come in all the way from Australia! More on that on Monday! 


  1. These look amazing. Nice work on the stones.
    Especially the Wold Guardian is fantastic to behold.

  2. Cheers Wouter, my client is very happy with progress so far hehe


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