Saturday, 28 March 2015

Wasteman: Mootants, vending machines and a badass shack!

Well that was a crap week! Not a single brushstroke since Monday afternoon... that's what 4 days of commuting 190 miles a day will do for you :-(

But never fear, the wkend is here and im back with a vengeance haha:


I love this range, its proper awesome and full of character! The kickstarter is in full swing and just needs a few more backers to push it over to fund. The pledge to pick has to be the easy rider... yes its 270 quid but look at all the goodness you get for it:

I backed at this level on day one and its just been getting better and better! 


  1. Looking pretty good! I am a backer too.

    Good paintjob.

    1. Cheers mate, these are proper fun to paint up and quality models!


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