Saturday, 7 March 2015

Wasteman: Kickstarter is a go!

Wasteman has started!!!!!!!!!!

This is a £55 pledge level including two faction starters, rulebook, cards and tokens and the brilliant Radical Trevor haha. I think im in for the Bandits and the Lunar Coalition as shown below... but it could change as butterfly and magpie mode kicks in!

Time is also right to show off my completed Swyn Glory Hog and his piggy friend, so easy to paint yet full of detail and character, im really looking forward to getting more of the range :-D


  1. This looks like a fun KS. Unfortunately I don't have the funds to pledge for these at this time.
    They remind me a bit of a computer game I used to play a lot and really liked. Tribal Rage it was called if I remember correctly.
    There are so many fun and unique looking miniatures I even wouldn't know what faction to choose.

  2. I think it has a lot of potential yeah, lots of little quirks to set it apart from the pack and it doesn't take itself seriously.

    Jason the owner of thunderchild has done all these himself too!

    My son really likes the kritters so I might have to bump up my pledge soon, and that Rad-Dragon is one massive kit too haha


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