Saturday, 5 September 2015

Blood Bowl: Khorne Team

This time its my new Khorne team for our upcoming league:


Heralds & Bloodletter

Pit Fighters

These are a controversial addition to the blood bowl world; not endorsed by the NAF but included in an official GW computer game... i couldnt for now use them at NAF sanctioned events but since the last one of those i went to was 4 years ago thats not really effecting me! 


  1. Hi, Love the Blog!
    What models did you use for the Team?
    They look fantastic!

    1. Cheers!

      The team is from, I backed their indiegogo campaign at the start of the year and they have been waiting patiently for a few months haha

    2. Thanks!
      I may have to get me some of those!
      The paint job you've done look's Gruesome... In the the best possible way!

    3. Ta they are nice models, no mold lines and the resin bloodthirster needed very little clean up.

      I have another three bloodletters (minions) and two more pit fighters but will get them done if required as the league goes on :-D

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    5. Good Luck in your League!
      May the Blood God grant you many victories... And SKULL'S!!

  2. What great looking Miniatures, lovely (if I can use the term regarding Khorne) team.
    You're paintjob does them justice.
    Good luck with the league!

  3. Fantastic team...i love the blood effects. Just awesome.

  4. Well, now trackable in teh NAF database (come the New Year) and allowable at T.O. and League discretion.


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