Monday, 14 September 2015

Blood Bowl: Nurgle Team Commission

Recently i was asked to painted up this Nurgle Team ahead of an upcoming tourney, I love painting Nurgle stuff so was straight on it after the Warmaster stuff and completed it this evening:

Its a full squad with a Beast, 4 Warriors, 4 Pestigors and 8 Rotters. Nurgle Teams are hilarious on the pitch and i had a lot of fun using my own team a few years back at some events.


  1. These are all really fantastic. Such character,excellent work on the paint jobs. Great rotting fleshtones and details!

  2. Cheers, guys sorry for the late reply, ive been without a phone all week so not got any off my emails!

  3. There are some very old miniatures among them. It is great to get a chance painting these up.
    Another magnificent job!

    1. Aye these old disco gw models have a certain class to them!


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