Monday, 18 January 2016

Gatormans: Frogs & Gobbers

Im trying to clear off some of the smaller left over projects before starting some new ones this year so yesterday i finally got my Croak Raiders finished that i have had sat half painted since release day! And whilst i was at it i painted up my pack of River Raiders that i have also had since they were released:

The Croaks were a paint to paint so im in no hurry to add a second unit to my collection, the Gobbers were a joy to do so may pick up another pack or two of them at some point. 


  1. A very colourful unit, I like them a lot. For some reason I can easily imagine them in a JRPG kind of world. Living in at the edge of a forest or something like that.
    They have the same feel as the World of Twilight miniatures, ... not overly hostile.
    Well done!

    1. Cheers, I must get on to all my Twilight stuff soon that's just reminded me!

    2. So do I, ... Unfortunately I have barely any time to paint these days. My youngest is sick a lot and the over time at work is killing all my hobbytime.
      I even have been looking to mechabrick as a quick way to play and build terrain. Not convinced yet though, if only we had more LEGO at home ;-).

    3. Oh dear, sorry to hear that.

      Have a look on ebay for a game called "Battle Masters" it's an old GW/MB box with the Empire vs Chaos Hordes and is great to play with the younger generation.

      I had it back in 1992 and just yesterday picked up a complete copy to play with all the family

    4. Sounds like a thing I have to check out. I have been buying a lot of stuff to play with my eldest sons lately. Yet, they are only 5 and 6 years old and perhaps a bit young, with a very short attention span ;-).

    5. They might be ok with battle masters, it's very simple to play and the minis, although gw, are basic and quick to put together so you can get playing very soon

    6. Just searched for it on eBay and I know the game, though it was named differently over here in Belgium. If I remember well one of my friends possessed it. If I'm lucky I may be able to borrow it from him :-).

    7. Great stuff I heartily recommend it! If I get time I will be painting mine up


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