Monday, 4 January 2016

Wasteman: Militia

Here are the Militia themed models in the line up:

Militia Starter Posse

The Bagman


Only a few more to go now! Then its the four Behemoths and the start of the retail releases which happens on the 16th January!


  1. Bold, using bright blue and a yellowish Brown ;-), but well done at the same time. The colours make them pop and suit them well. From what I've seen my favourite faction so far. Perhaps a bit more standard with their survivor look. But what I like about them is the motorbike haircuts, moustaches and beards, maling them just a bit different from the mainstream survivor miniatures.

    1. Aye I wasn't such a fan of these to begin with as they are a lot more generic than the previous posses but I really enjoyed painting them and the brighter scheme does suit them hehe


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