Saturday, 16 January 2016

Kings of War: Abyssal Dwarves Part 1

Here is my starter 750pts force of Abyssal Dwarves for the Chelmsford Bunkers Kings of War League:


Ankor Heavy Mortar

Halfbreed Troop

Gargoyle Troop

Immortal Guard Regiment

Lesser Golem Regiment

I was originally planning to run Ogres for it due to the small model count of the armies but Jacob wanted to take part aswell and his favs were Ogres and Undead... I switched out to Abyssal Dwarvs (My favourite Mantic range) and let him pick up the Ogres as he could paint them himself readily enough.

This army is based on the starter army box with an Ironcaster and Mortar in place of the Slave Orcs. I will be picking up a second army box to bulk out my Halfbreeds and Golems and the additional Immortal Guard and gargoyles will find places in the force too... Not sure at this stage about the Slave Orcs as i want to fit in some Decimators and the awesome Supreme Ironcaster of Winged Abyssal monster haha.

Jacobs Ogres will be up in a few days too, he is going to use a similar scheme to mine so our forces will create a coherent look in allied games :-D


  1. Looking good, lot's of variety. Both in colours and troops.

    1. Cheers, I'm pleased how they came out and the whole force took about 6hrs to paint haha


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