Monday, 28 January 2013

A Pox on the world!

A couple of 3am to 5am painting sessions due to evil babies wanting bottles have born fruit and ive completed the rest of my Banebrood.

Gorelord - My Warlord
Pestbringer - Support Character

Maldire Mongrels - Basic Light Infantry

Thats all my Banebrood finished till more are released. A few months ago i was asked to do a review of the system for Kingsley Distribution, giving pros and cons of the system as they were looking to stock it. I gave my honest opinion of it and it seems they have decided to stock it!
This will mean cheaper toys and free postage for us UK players and more exposure for a good quality game. This is great news, everyone loves cheaper toys and im sure Cymbeline Games will be able to sort us out with some deals haha.
In other Godslayer news, Megalith Games will be running a kickstarter campaign at the end of the month to finance the translation of rulebooks and cards into German. They have stated that all deals offered will be available for English translated products too, so maybe some bonus goodies could be on route...

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