Thursday, 17 January 2013

Relics Kickstarter Preview

Early next week, Tor Gaming will be introducing a new kickstarter campaign for their game system Relics. Relics, as ive recently discovered is a brilliant game with a unique setting as the worlds first 'stitchpunk' wargame! The models are awesome, and the rules are intuitive and leave plenty of scope for tactical play.

Tor have made the pledges a little different from most campaigns, each pledge gives you money to spend in the Relics kickstarter online store, the Nuem list is shown below as im familiar with the range and its the one im most interested in (A new rulebook v1.1, will also be available during the campaign). The top two pledge levels offer some special rewards... who fancies lunch and some games with Gavin Moorcroft (Tor's big boss and game creator) at Tor Towers at the £200 level, and at £750, you get to be made into a puppeteer figure, and your likeness will grace tabletops world wide!!!

As can be seen from this, all the current ranges are displayed, as are some that were unlocked in the last kickstarter earlier in the year, and it shows the Degener, which is one of the primary goals for the campaign. Looking at the list as it stands at the start, im probably in for a Rulebook, a Degener, 4 Concursus and 4 Medicae, which would come to £58, so i'd need to pledge at least £50 as you get a bonus amount on top of your pledge to spend. this would be my minimum as new toys will be unlocked and more minis will become available.

Like all kickstarts, it has a primary goal outlined at the start, and when the inital goal is smashed, the stretch goals can be reached and more goodies unlocked. The project target goals are shown below:

When this goal is reached, stretch goal 1 is unlocked. This will comprise the following models for our perusal:
Further goals will enable the sculpting of more missing profiles from the rulebook, currently there are 4 planned which should see the line up completed. Gav, informs us that should the campaign surpass that level then it will enable the sculpting of the first models of the planned new factions for the game; The Ridend and the C'thu!
As you can see from my recent posts of my growing Nuem army, i really like this game and will be giving it my full support.... i want my new toys to paint, and i want to make my wallet sad hahaha!h

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