Saturday, 12 January 2013

Dead eyes...

Several years ago i painted up a rather large Kings of War Undead army, 3500pts at the time, in only 5 days... it was far from my best work, but all ranked up it looks quite evoactive on the table!

It has been featured on Mantics Blog before, and i use it to demo KoW for them at Salute and other shows, and will be taking it this year again, to do battle with Cymbeline Tom's Elves, and Flare Miniature's Darren's Orcs in a series of 2000pt games over the day.

As my army is big, there are few units i havent got in it, and these Skeleton Archers are one of them! I will be adding a unit of elite Soulreaver Cavalry and my 3up Zombie as a Zombie Giant (Using rules for a skeleton regiment) before the big day in April.

Also arrived today were further reinforcements to my growing Nuem force for Relics, 2 Tormenta and 4 sagittarius, decent ranged units to support my advance across the field. I hope to have these built and painted soon. Tor Gaming will be doing another Kickstarter campaign soon, this time to flesh out the remaing profiles of units from the rulebook... expect substantal backing from Fanplasticlittlemen as i want to get access to the additional choices to complete my army mwhahaha! 


  1. Looking good, Rid - but they won't be doing battle against my orcs - they'll be getting CRUSHED by them!!!!



  2. Oooooo thems fighting words Brother-Captain!

    Game on sir


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