Sunday, 20 January 2013

Flesh Titan!

Quick update on Kings of War, i found my 3-up zombie i picked a while ago, ive been planning to use him as a giant for my undead. Now, giants arent in the undead arm list, so i was planning to use it as a skeleton regiment so it has enough attacks and resilince to rep its stats appropriately!

Darren at Flare Miniature Painting has done an excellent job on his 3-up Orc for his giant (!/photo.php?fbid=426122984123015&set=a.426122934123020.78387351.278380532230595&type=1&theater), and i'll be attending salute with him and Tom of Cymbeline Games, running big demo games of Kings of War so i get to face the mighty Blind Mungo with my own Flesh Titan!!


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