Thursday, 4 April 2013

Bushido Battle Report: Ito Clan vs Cult of Yurei 2

Big news... I am now a Retainer for GCT Studios, part of the demo team for Bushido! I got confirmation yesterday so i was very happy, and will be continuing to spread the way of the warrior haha.

I played another game last night against my mate Shape's dastardly Cult, 35 Rice, using the Keii scenario, where we have to drop gift tokens off at 4 idols, scoring more points for the ones further away from your starting position.

Setup - Both forces arrayed for battle across the clearing, ready to appease the spirits with some goodies!
Turn 1 - Both forces move up as fast as they can, ready to get position for later turns. The temple Bushi in the forground places a gift token to get some points on the board (1-0) 
Turn 2 - A cunning ploy by me and a school boy error by Shape enabled Itsunagi to get a charge off on Kato and gut him in one swipe! He had moved up so the Kairai could leech off him but Shape didnt deploy the marionette to block a charge lane as he thought he was safe! Akimoto was sacrified to draw out Ikiryo away from Itsu haha (3-1, 1VP to Ito)

Turn 3 - Ikiyo continues to batter the Ito with her stink eye, she cant get a void attack on Itsu as he is facing the wrong way, so she tries to zap sakura but rolls badly. Itsu scores a gift token on the far shrine, ramping up my points. The right side Bushi tries to hold off two kairai but eventually succomes to the onslaught, enabling Shape to get some more tokens in. My other Bushi lines up a charge on Ikiryo but is too scared to move! (8-5)

Turn 4/5 - Itsu gets the first charge on Ikiryo, managing to kill her and survive the returned damage on one wound! Its looking bad for the cult as their two big guys are down but they arent out of it. the kairai farmer scores more gift points and they begin a march to my idol. The kairai milita is finally downed by the surving Bushi on the left. (10-7)
Turn 6 - Itsunagi gets the charge on the armoured kairai and finishes him off, trapping the farmer in melee with him, and even when exhausted he is able to kill the offending zombie with one big sword swipe haha. Final keii points are 10-7 to me, and a 3-0 VP win!
Another great game, it was far closer than the wipe out suggested as Shape was only 1 token from gaing a draw! We both agree the game is much better played to scenario than a simple dust up in a field, our two games have been very close dispite a wipe out each time. Shape will be adding some new guys to his force for our next game and i plan to drop Itsunagi and Sakura for Kenzo and Ayako to mix it up too.

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