Saturday, 20 April 2013


So its the day after salute, and all across the country, people are waking up to build all their brand new toys hehe!

I came back with a good haul: 4 oriental style buildings from Oshiro, the awesome Tallulah Belle and Frank Hyde from Infamy, preordered the Dragon Huntress from JoeK Minis and picked up a couple of additions to my Savage Wave and Temple forces from GCT Studios.

Whilst chatting with the guys at GCT, i showed them pics of my Savage Wave models and they earnt me a commission!!!! Im to paint up a large force of Prefecture of Ryu minis for Odin!!! This a big opportunity for me to show case my work! And i will be demoing for them at next years salute, im gonna bring my badass board and shiny new buildings yeah.

GCT - Studio Models

GCT - Preview of Upcoming Goodies!

Infamy Miniatures - Studio Minis and Unpainted versions

JoeK Minis - Studio Minis

Kings of War - Darren's Orcs vs Tom's Elves

Kings of War - My Undead vs Tom's Elves
A great day was had by all, an early start and a late finish but its a lot of fun and i cant recommend it enough to people. Working for a company on the day is a better than going just as punter, you still get to see everything and often get some toyz for your efforts hehe.

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