Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Unleashing the Ito: Part 11

Quick update, Kazuhiko arrived on monday and i got him painted last night:

Yes i know, he looks like he needs a wee, but he was a nice model to paint up, and its given me a new way of painting skin thats quick and easy:

1) Cadian Fleshtone
2) Earthshade Wash
3) Highlight Cadian Fleshtone
4) Highlight Cadian fleshtone + Ushabti Bone

I like the coverage this has and it creates a warm skin colour compared to the lighter ones ive used in the past!

As part of being a retainer, i have to run demos and intro games to spread the word, so i have ordered the Temple of Ro-Kan and Savage Wave starter sets. I will get these done asap as i have a demo evening planned for the 29th May at the bunker.

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