Friday, 12 April 2013

Daikinee Countdown

Right, im making a concerted effort to finish off my Daikinee army for Confrontation, they are the last models i have to paint up from 2012! Its not that i dont like them or cant be arsed, its just a case of new shiny has always come in between me and them... my mate Sherwin still has his Devourers to finish and they are from feb last year too, and he has added more Skorne than god to his Hordes haha.

I painted these up quick last night, rough and ready schemes are whats needed, and these all must be done by the summer as the Convergence will be my sole focus (see what i did there!) for a long time when they are released in July.

Kaelis the Pariah

Sylvan Anime

6 down, 25 to go hahaha then im fully painted yeah!

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