Friday, 21 August 2015

Age of Sigmar: Nurgle's Rotbringers and 500th Post!

This is one of those other projects mentioned in the last post... Age of Sigmar!!!!

No game has ever divided the internet as much as this one, haters and defenders have drawn swords across the world haha. I stopped playing wfb years ago so frankly didnt care that it got ditched, and so was able to look at Sigmar as a completely new system to try out.

Having read through the rules a couple of times i decided to give it a go and split the box with Jacob... he had the Sigmarines and me the Khorne dudes. We've had quite a few games of it so far and really enjoy the simplicity of it... the love child of Kings of War and Warmachine is the best way to describe it i feel.

In addition to my Khorne force i managed to find one of the old pestilent swarm boxes for sale at E-Minis  a really good Spanish retailer who i have bought numerous Confrontation and AT-43 stuff of in the past... So Nurgle was on the cards too and its so easy to paint up haha:

Lord of Plagues

Putrid Blight Kings

Nurgling Swarm

Plague Bearers

I have plenty more left to go including one of those awesome Maggoth Riders, but they will have to wait for the next couple of projects to be done hehe

Also, this is my 500th post wootwoot!!!


  1. Nurgle guys look awesome! Congrats on your 500th post!

  2. You can't go wrong with Nurgle ;).
    They look properly blighted :).

    1. Cheers mate, nurgle has always been a fav!

    2. I think the favourite of many Chaos players, considering the many Nurgle figures that keep popping up at forums and blog posts.
      For me it was always either Nurgle or Slaanesh, though I trended towards undivided at the end (before I quit WH40k).

    3. My old wfb chaos army was undivided, a right old mix of units!

      Years back when I did 40k it was a pure noise marine force in the 3.5 codex which Gav Thorpe ruined so I went with black legion and no marks at all just undivided and it worked well till that too was ruined by the new codex so I quit!

    4. I started with a 2nd edition Black Legion army with a lot of everything. 3th edition ruined everything and I repainted most of my army to Wordbearers (for the deamons). 4th edition completely killed it and I haven't played with them since.
      I am curious about Age of Sigmar though and love to hear your opinion about the game as well.

    5. Sigmar is better than I expected to be honest, I feared the worst but it has surprising hidden depth to it and there is plenty of strategy for experienced gamers.

      Synergy between the various components of your army plays a big part of the game now, so theming your force to say mono khorne or nurgle will mean everything can be affected by the buffs you can provide.

      Eg: Blood readers, they are a bit crap as they are but put the bloodsecrator nearby and they get two more attacks, put the khorne lords command ability on them and they charge further, whip them with the stoker and they charge even further etc.

      I would say the most important rule tho is don't be or play a twat, we are testing out various comps on the forces and are currently on 80 wounds, 1/3 heroes, 0/2 monsters or warmachine, 30 wound max on one scroll.

      Give it a go, the basis of the game is free but the big books do provide a tonne of fluff and decent scenarios that I would pick up if you like it... We just ignore the silly sudden death rules and always measure from bases as I don't want people putting their models on my bases.


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