Saturday, 1 August 2015

Circle Orboros Commission: Sacral Vault

This bad boy brings the project to a close again:

Privateer Press's release schedule means my client again has full faction until the new toys from the upcoming Devastation book are released hehe


  1. Good work. Only it looks like the vault itself is in need of a wash. It seems to miss the finish I saw on your stone constructs.
    Is this a minion addition to his force? As it clearly isn't part of the Orboros faction.

  2. Yeah it's a minion choice, too good not to include!

    I went for a different approach with this one, the photos don't show up the heavy drybrushing very well as the details are really picked out in the flesh hehe

    1. Perhaps because of the flash, it makes these subtle differences in colour harder to see.
      Almost impossible with my colour blindness (luckily only in the lightest degree or I wouldn't be able to paint anymore) :).

    2. Hehe I have a light box but it's such a hassle to set it up! When I get my new permanent station ready I will have it on the go.

      I have a mate who's red/green blind so has to go by painting guides or get told what colours is paints are! He's still really good tho haha

  3. Looks good. Get it in a lightbox already!


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