Monday, 3 August 2015

Wasteman:Bugs, Bugs, Bugs... and a Turtle Monster

I couldnt resist getting these done ahead of schedule haha:


Badland Bugs

Moar Badland Bugs

These Kritters are more intended as scatter terrain but Jason has created stat cards for them so they can be used as members of the posses and as vicious terrain features hahaha


  1. These critters are fantastic.
    I probably am going to pick these up for use in other systems.
    I especially like your turtoise, unusual colours but it looks great.

    1. The joys of radiation caused mutant bugs haha, I literally closed my eyes and picked paints at random!

      I'm really looking forward to wasteman I thinks it's gonna be a load of fun, I should be doing another big article on it in September as I've been invited for a few games with the creator :-D


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