Saturday, 26 March 2016

Fear the Night: Dark Eldar Reinforcements

Withe the Kedashi completed i figured it was time before the next commission to finish of the last few bits for my Dark Eldar Epic army:

Raider Squadron

Incubi Cadre 1

Incubi Cadre 2

That completes this awesome project for me until the next round of releases are available:


  1. I was kind of hoping to see a Titan or superheavy tank for the force.
    You did a great job capturing the Dark Eldar feel on miniatures that small. Another job well done.

    1. Me too, these are a proper light raiding force!

      I believe he his working on a titan type vehicle tho, but it's a way off yet... not a prob as the shaltari jaguar is a decent enough stand in.

      Looking forward to that shadow destroyer tho as that gun is evil against super heavies!


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